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Cultural inheritance is a top-down activity. The trainer is no longer just a technician, but also a source of strength. Through the teaching process by precepts and deeds, he would not only ensure that the learners understand the most basic meaning, but also sense the elegance and connotation behind it. This is the mission of all transmitters.

Watching, tasting, smelling, touching... In the culinary school, food is the medium of learning. Students use multi-level and rich senses to understand the process of food creation. Even the elementary ability to cut carrots would require the understanding on the weight that puts on hand.

Etiquette is also one of the most important trainings. By learning basic postures and movements, waiters understand how to better take care of and serve customers. Every tool, such as the use of corkscrew and the placements of tableware, to the maintenance of restaurant facilities, such as how to create a harmonious dining environment, are all tasks to be taught in the inheritance process.

Inheritance is also related to the transfer of power in the family business. The young heir is the one being taught. He learns all the skills of managing the enterprise from his parents, and all the abilities of his parents come from their own parents, generation after generation, cycling around with no end.

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