Joseph Gobin

Vina 2000
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Currently in France
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Joseph Gobin is a French photographer who works between Europe and Asia. During his first few years as a photographer, he focused his work on people at work and documented several different trades.

He then decided to go back to the origins of knowledge and became interested in different patterns of learning: student/teacher, parent/child, professional/learner, soldier/recruit.

Today, Joseph Gobin’s photographic work focuses mainly on the idea of transmission. How are belongings, habits, knowledge and memories passed down from the present to the future and from one person to another?

In his series, Joseph Gobin is perpetually seeking for an equilibrium between aesthetics, fact and imagination.

2021 - Another city, public, private, secret 
Duo exhibition
Vincom Center for Contemporary Art 
Hanoi, Vietnam

2020/2021 Face à face 
International Museum of Horlogery
La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland

2020 Another city, public, private, secret 
Duo exhibition
French Cultural Center 
Hue, Vietnam

2019Another city, public, private, secret 
Duo exhibition
French Cultural Center 
Hanoi, Vietnam

2017La France vue d’Ici
Collectif book
La Martinière publishing house

Group exhibition
ImageSingulieres festival 
Sète, France

2013 Award Edf / Le Monde

2012 - SAMU 69 
Woman-Mother-Child hospital 
Lyon, France

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