The photographic work of Joseph mainly focuses on the idea of transmission.

In 2013, due to his work « Mik’maq against shale gaz », he was introduced to Native Canadians fighting for their rights to be recognised, and for the safeguard of water.

In 2015, the series « Passage » is initiated, aiming at the observation of three distinct schemes of transmission around the hospitality-catering industry.
The first topic : « Hundred years of tradition » focused on the transmission of knowledge between educators and students in a professional and technical secondary school.
The second topic « Stagiaires » narrates the everyday life of students working in the hospitality industry. Their work in the company and hand-on experiences enriches the skills of interns.
Finally, the topic « Les Cornettes » is centered on the heritage of a hotel-restaurant passed from a generation to another.
The series « Passages » obtains the support of the project documentary « La France VUE D’ICI ».

In 2016, the topic « Bold Eagle » enables Joseph to work on the teaching skills in the military, as well as a reflection on the echo from the past which resonates in our present.

He is based in Hanoi.